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Software farm

Do you like this program?

Menu Project > Publish will get you on the Farm. You can view the farm from Tools > Software farm or from

I think that the Form Expand will only work if the Form is embedded in another Control

Well spotted, change the line to: -

FMain.PictureBoxArea.Picture = hWindow.GetScreenshot(False)FMain.PictureBoxArea.Picture = hWindow.GetScreenshot(False)

The 2 lines: -

If Mouse.ScreenX > hWindow.X - 20 And Mouse.ScreenX < hWindow.X + hWindow.Width And Mouse.ScreenY > hWindow.Y - 20 And Mouse.ScreenY < hWindow.Y + hWindow.Height Then
Shell "wmctrl -a " & hWindow.Name

The first line detects if the hWindow is in the area that was 'Clicked' on. The 2nd line uses 'wmctrl' to 'Raise' the window. In Terminal type man wmctrl for more help.