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Got get-iplayer 3.26 working on all computers i.e. Ubuntu Bionic (problem there was I had somehow disabled the Universe Ubuntu repo. When I re-enabled the Ubuntu Universe repo (which caused an update of 2 other packages), it then worked using Jon Davies' ppa) , RaspberryPi with Raspbian Buster (once I used stable), Windows10 (in Virtualbox).
I'm now using snap (for get-iplayer) on Ubuntu Bionic & Raspbian Buster. That works fine.
So it looks like iRecorder problem (using get-iplayer) is resolved. Could you check it out for me using Compressed Source attached or the version on Gambas Farm (should be the same)?
PS I'll install Gambas stable on Raspberry Pi and check out iRecorder.

Click here to download : iRecorder.tar.gz